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The WcBc software is designed to run on your IBM i™ without any MAPICS™ Modifications. Our data collection software has an uptime comparable to your IBM i™. WcBc includes complete receiving, inventory, manufacturing, cycle counting, and shipping transactions. 


The WcBc software has a menu-driven interface enabling users to tailor each transaction to meet your process requirements.  WcBc simplifies the use of each transaction by prompting or defaulting only the fields that the user needs to perform the function. Each of the following programs could have many different transactions for them, and each one could be prompting for different information but processing the same end function.



Inventory Issue (IS)                   

Inventory Adjustment (IA)                          

Inventory Transfer  (TW)

Receiving (RP)

Inventory Scrap (SS)

Inventory W/O Issue (IP)

W/O Completion (RM)

Miscellaneous Receipt (RC)

W/O Component Scrap (SC)

Sales Order Issue (SA)       

Purchase Order Inquiry

Item Availability by item, location, and lot. 

Customer focused since 1990
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