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WcBc for Data/3, SIM/400, and KBM includes Real Time Inventory and Shop Floor Transactions. Listed below is the listing of transactions offered. Please see Ken Mong from the Contacts Page.

01: Misc Issue                                        

02: Misc Shortage Issue                           

03: Issue to Work Order                          

04: Work Order Shortage Issue                

05: Purchase Order Pick List                     

06: Purchase Order Shortage Issue             

07: Credit to Stock

08: Stock Adjustment

09: Stock to Stock Transfer

13: Purchase Order to Stock

14: Return to Vendor 

16: Purchase Order to Scrap                                        

17: Purchase Order tp Reject                           

18: Work Order to Stock                    

19: Work Order to Rework                

20: Work Order to Scrap                     

21: JIT to Stock             

22: JIT to Rework 

23: JIT to Scrap

24: Cycle Counting

25: Pick to WTS

26: Misc Issue to Work Order 

27: Receipt to Sales Order                                        

40: Distribution Order Issue                           

41: Distribution Order Receipt                  

7560: Receiver Add

8200: Location Inquiry

Shop Floor Transactions: Job On, Job Off, Completed Quantity, Move Transaction. 

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