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Solution Profile

WcBc (World Class Barcode) is an Automated Data Collection (ADC) solution that delivers a high performance, real-time connection from various collection devices to Data/3, SIM/400, KBM Infor™ ERP applications.


WcBc is installed on your Host to deliver better integration into KBM, great performance, and the best available uptime.  WcBc does not require any middleware and utilizes a socket to connect to handheld devices, which is the fastest connection into any host system.


Included with Software Implementation, World Class Information Systems Installs, and configures WcBc to fit business needs, WCIS will create training documents, testing scripts, and will train the trainers or masses, On top of all that, WcBc boasts one of the industry’s fastest implementations and quickest return on investment.   

Customer focused since 1990
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